By now I have written several articles describing what computer and mobile forensics are and how they can help you get the answers you need. I pointed out that an examiner can retrieve data such as text messages, e-mails or even ascertain the location of a certain person using digital forensics. We even spoke briefly about how digital forensics helped bring the BTK killer to justice. For this article, I wanted to do something a bit less technical. I’ve been watching BBC’s The Fall and mobile forensics plays a pivotal role in the series.

In The Fall, a serial killer named Paul Spector (great name for a serial killer, right?) has been terrorizing the women of Northern Ireland for some time. His death toll is at least 3 opens and a determined Gillian Anderson is at her wits end in her attempt to stop Spector before he strikes again. Finally, through a series of events that I will not reveal here, the police uncover a phone used by Spector and are able to recover a video of one of his victim’s begging for her life. No doubt, this evidence will be used to bring Spector to justice. Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable. When I saw this I thought it would be a good chance to introduce one of the technologies we use right here at Integrity Investigations to crack mobile cases. IT happens to be the same product used in The Fall and I thought that was just too cool not to share on our blog. The technology is called Cellebrite UFED which stands for Universal Forensic Extraction Device. This piece of equipment allows us to access over 4,000 cellular devices and tablets in order to extract data from them. From flip phones to iPads, we can use UFED to pull data from almost any mobile device!

UFED allows us to make exact copies(Images) of mobile devices. Every text, chat or picture on that device can be extracted by an examiner using UFED. Not only that but we can get GPS location to try and narrow down a person’s whereabouts during a certain time period. We can even crack passcodes in certain cases using UFED. It is a really cool piece of equipment that not many people have. At Integrity, we have a dedicated examiner who uses UFED to get data from mobile devices. This is what makes us stand out. We can do more for you than your average investigator because we have the tools to make digital devices tell a story. If you need answers or have a case that has stalled, call us today to talk about a digital investigation.

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