Before an in-person consultation can be scheduled, a 5-10 minute conversation will need to take place between an investigator (most likely a supervisory investigator) and the potential client calling into the office. The investigator and potential client will discuss what prompted the call to the office. The investigator will start the conversation off with a few questions to gain a better understanding of your situation. Once the investigator determines that we can most likely assist with this type of case, the potential client and investigator will schedule a date and time to meet at a specified location. This location may be at one of our offices or at a more discrete and mutually agreed upon place.

The investigator will explain that we charge a consultation fee for a face-to-face meeting. Not every investigation will require a face to face meeting. In these cases we will gather information over the phone and move forward. However, if we meet, this fee will guarantee you a one hour session with an investigator. During this session, a series of questions will be asked to gain an even better understanding of your situation and give suggestions as to how we might handle your particular case. Each case is sensitive and unique and will be approached and handled in said way. We will also explain how our process works and what the expectation will be between our team and our client. At the end of our one hour session, if we both agree to move forward with the case, the consultation fee will be waived. We will receive a specified retainer, based on the type of case we will be conducting, and move forward. However if it is determined that we will NOT be moving forward with your case, the consultation fee will be rendered at that time and we will part ways.

If we are moving forward with your case, we will exchange information about yourself, the subject and gather all the details of the investigation. We will discuss the different modes of communication that work best for the client during the investigation. We tailor to our clients needs, and ensure they are kept up-to-date throughout the investigation. Upon receipt of the retainer that day, we will start working on the preliminary steps of your case and in most cases have an investigator on scene within 24 hours after our initial face-to-face meeting.

Speak with an Investigator