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Integrity Investigations, LLC

Founder & CEO

Paul Baeppler

Founder & CEO

Paul Baeppler

Integrity Investigations was founded by Paul Baeppler in 2004. We have grown to become the largest and best-known investigation company in northeast Ohio. In 2013, we also opened an office in New York City and we are in the process of becoming licensed in California. I’ve been a Cleveland Policeman for over 20 years (currently assigned as a lieutenant in the 4th District).

I’ve spent my police career in patrol, investigative and now leadership roles. Some may find this hard to believe, but not everyone likes me (especially those I’ve arrested and targets of our investigations), but people that know me do know where I stand. I have a very strong sense of justice and I find exposing liars, cheaters and thieves almost as gratifying as catching violent felons…That’s why I run this business. That’s why we’re here.


I’ve spent my police career in patrol, investigative and now leadership roles


Integrity Investigations does not handle work for criminal defense attorneys or the people who they represent. Neither do we handle work for anyone that we suspect to be involved in any criminal activity.

I have been a Cleveland Policeman for over 20 years and most of our investigators are also either current, sworn police detectives or recently retired.

We do not use police resources to assist us in our investigations, however we do take advantage of our law enforcement experience and our specialized training.

About Paul Baeppler

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  • Owner; Integrity Investigations; licensed as “Class A” Private Investigation / Security Provider in Ohio since 2004
  • Owner; Manhattan Investigations licensed as Private Investigator in New York City, New York since 2013
  • Lieutenant; Cleveland Division of Police; 1993 to present. (Currently assigned to the 4th District)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies from Kent State University
  • Covert Electronic Surveillance Training
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